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An Interview with Kristian Martin

Can you introduce yourself and your project as well as tell us how it all came together?

My name is Kristian Martin, director and performer in my solo short film Abstract. How it came together was being inspired by a show called Primal. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky. The non verbal animation of a character interacting with the world with only his emotions was very incredible, so it drove me to create something inspired from it.

How did you get involved in film?

I got involved with the film after an idea came to my head after thinking of a concept with the open field on my family farm.

Describe how you would ensure that production is on schedule. What steps would you take?

Get creative based on what's in front of you. Eventually you'll beat the deadline. Show works in progress through your social media as it draws near to finishing.

How long did it take to research and make your film?

It took at least 2 days. Fun fact, the film didn't have a script and to further elevate the experimental vibe to the short, I did the story from my head and shot the scene once I envisioned it.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a film director?

The important quality as a director is to not be conformed by any trend somebody else wants you to follow. Make stories that break the mold and give new and innovative concepts nobody thought of in an original or adapted story. The most important thing is to make the audience of your movie invested and give them something they can enjoy and remember for years to come.

What were your key challenges in filmmaking?

Being the only person, there was no one to film with because of the start of the Coronavirus. But I turned it around by having an idea and sticking to how the film should go while being the only person to film. I was my own actor, cinematographer, director and editor.

An actor is being unprofessional. How do you manage the situation?

Handling an unprofessional actor can be stressful. But in order to handle this problem, don't bend the knee to them and tell them that consequences will happen if they'll disrupt the production. The whole point of being on set is to work together rather than working against each other.

What is the role of film festivals?

Film Festivals are meant to be celebrated as any form of cinema is showcased for people to enjoy works for entertainment rather than just receiving awards.

Describe a time when you made a mistake in your duties. How did you rectify it?

Making the volume too loud on my camera was one of them after forgetting to turn it down after a project. I looked past the volume settings. Replaced the audio with ADR in post. Don't try the same thing I did folks. Always remember where your icons are!

What is the future of film?

I look at it this way. The future of film should be about entertainment rather than just giving political statements. Unfortunately, today's industry has creators very nervous with how people take certain aspects of their work and are being accused of being hateful by not very nice people. They usually look for something that doesn't suit their needs. Or it's the complete opposite where we have creators not being reasonable with their audiences where they force them to like something they're not a fan of. That's why there's less people that come to enjoy their work. Entertainment is all about exploring the masses of whatever themes we decide to talk about, not ventful wish fulfillment. The future of film still gives me hope that filmmakers can rise to the occasion and give other people a voice to make something they're inspired by rather than be shamed.

What has been your favourite film to make and why?

To me one of my favourite films in terms of the horror genre would have to be Dario Argento's Suspiria. With colourful lighting and gothic set pieces within a ballet school ran by witches, it's something I must recommend for those interested in supernatural horror.

What has the audience reaction been like?

If I were to give a perspective of the audience's reaction on Abstract, most of the reaction has been very stellar. As of currently I have 14 awards from different film festivals.

Can you say something about the collaborative nature of filmmaking?

When working together with other artists requires those that are open to different horizons rather than having the only way.

Is there anyway to see the film?

Abstract is currently on YouTube for anyone to watch. Just go to my YouTube channel Kristian Martin to have a look.


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